CSA Memberships


What is a CSA?

Membership in our Community-Supported Agriculture program (CSA) invites you to share in the joys of our growing season. 

Our commitment to you:

We promise to grow your produce using only sustainable and organic practices.  We will listen to your feedback and take it into consideration as we consistently improve our growing practice.

Your Commitment to Us:

I understand that farming is unpredictable. In joining Hillcrest Farms CSA, I agree to share in the risks inherent with winter farming with my farmers. I understand that there will be variations in the quality and quantity of produce, depending on weather and other uncontrollable factors. I agree to pay for my share and will submit my payments on time. 

What You Get

"Buffet Style", unlimited fresh produce units per week for 30 weeks. No minimum purchase required.  Cost of purchase is deducted from your Membership balance.  You purchase only what you choose.  Unused credit balances are carried forward into summer through December 20, 2020. 

Winter 2019-2020 CSA Progam

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Distribution Weeks:

November 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020 - 30 week total. 

Grand Ledge distribution is every other week beginning November 9, 2019.


Partial Share

  • $125 + 5% bonus = $131.50 buying power 

Full Share:

  • $250 + 7% bonus = $267.50 buying power

Family Share:

  • $350 + 10% bonus = $385.00 buying power


4 Season Growing Schedule, Click Here

PDF Copy of CSA Form

Join Our CSA Program

When you submit a form, you will receive an invoice to pay online or by check.

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