About Hillcrest Farms

Our Mission Statement: To provide fresh, healthy food to our local customers through direct sales and local farm markets, utilizing commonly accepted organic farming methods that respect the environment and our community of customers. We will earn a viable income growing and selling produce during all major planting seasons, including cold weather crops. We value the reputation as a high quality, dependable grower and an asset to our consumer community.
Who We Are

Hillcrest Farms is a small family farm outside Eaton Rapids in southern Eaton County that we activated in May, 2010. The farm concept is a natural extension of our hobby with four gardens on one acre while raising our family in Ingham County. We grew many plants and vegetables that we gave to friends and neighbors, and occasionally to a local food bank. We finished the lookout basement as a propagation room that gave us the learning experiences that lead to our present indoor “grow room”.

As a Husband and Wife Team, most of the labor is done by us. In return, this “hands on” approach allows us to monitor potential dangers to quality. We network with growers with similar practices in order to speed the learning curve while growing in unheated plastic “hoop houses”. Our regular customers are very supportive and excited to be able to purchase from us year around. In return, hoop house production can increase customer loyalty by keeping them in the habit of buying local and fresh from us all year. Though what we can grow during the winter months is limited, cold weather sales take some pressure off warm weather income.

What We Grow

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How We Grow
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Our produce is fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruit that we grow using commonly accepted organic practices (i.e. no chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides). We use certified organic seed where possible and save many of our heirloom and open pollinated seeds from year to year. All of our farm raised products are started from seed in our propagation “grow room” so we can control the quality of our produce from beginning to end.

We use a “Grow Slow” approach to our produce products that results in tastier and nutritionally superior food. Even though it takes up to four months for our Romaine Lettuce to mature, the result got us started with a solid reputation for lettuces and greens. We use the same techniques with over 30 vegetables and fruits that we grow and nourish with natural compost. Intensive re-seeding and crop rotation allows us to maintain a sustainable supply quantity and selection at the highest quality and freshness level we can produce.

Where You Can Find Us
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Allen Street Farmers Market

Grand Ledge Farmers Market

Hillcrest Farms